Huangjia sincerely invites you to participate Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen in August 2018
Column:Company news Time:2018-07-30

Dear sir, on August 7-9, 2018, home furnishing expo Shenzhen will be held in Shenzhen convention and exhibition center, where the latest products of Huangjia will be displayed. We are very pleased to invite you to attend our booth, We would be honored to seeing you.

ShenZhen HuangJia ZhenYe Technology Co., Ltd was set up in 1998, dedicated in R & D and manufacturing automation for windows sun-shading over 18 years. It is a global leading manufacturer of curtain rod and indoor windows  sun-shading motor.

It mainly produces curtain rod, indoor windows sun-shading motor, window opener, smart home, control systems and relativeaccessories.

Huangjia located at AnLiang 5 village, ShenZhen. The company has a professional production base, 6 large material warehouse, nearly 1000 square meters of high-grade office buildings, construction area more than 30 thousand square meters.

In the daily company fully implements ISO9001 quality management system. Systematization, standardized, standardized operation, to ensure long-term stability of the provision of high quality products.

Products sold throughout China, exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States market, product quality and professional services to customer recognition and favor.

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